Our Vision and Philosophy


To continue to develop our Club into an exceptional community-based football club encouraging long term participation in the game, for all ages, standards, backgrounds and beliefs in a safe, encouraging and progressive environment.

To do what we do better and consistently, managing the club’s football philosophy via coaches, managers and parents, in order to enable each individual player to enjoy playing football and realise their potential to play the game.


We are a community club offering football for players from U7 up to U18 in our youth section, Brockham Badgers FC, and adult football in our adult section, Brockham FC.

We offer football for all those in the area that want to play, regardless of ability, as long as there is space.

Our challenge is to help all those that want to play to have fun, make friends, learn to play the game and learn to love the game, within the footballing culture created within our club.

Our coaching is based on development, fostering each player to the best of our ability to help them achieve their potential, regardless of ability, focussing on the elements within the ‘C’ system to develop the whole player:

Competence, with regard to skills and technique

Confidence, enabling players to perform better.

Creativity, encouraging players to come up with their own solutions where appropriate to do so.

Connection and caring, encouraging players to be competitive but also to look after each other, developing teamwork and leadership skills.

Character, delivering the game in such a way as to help develop a players’ character and become part of the process of the development of players from young children to mature young adults.

As a club we give great importance and value to the development of the technique and skill of each individual player based on a clear playing philosophy of:

Playing through the three-thirds of the pitch

Quality of passing the ball

Quality of receiving the ball

Intelligent movement and support off the ball

Penetrative/ incisive attacking play

Counter attacking


“Winning is fantastic.  We all like to win.  But not at the expense of the players developing and improving; or at the cost of sportsmanship and respect; or at the cost of the enjoyment of playing the game”.


  • Morgan Prestwich